Gary did my hair, and he was absolutely amazing. He is a color and style guru with 10+ years of experience. He knew exactly how to get the hair color and style I was looking for. I have Asian hair and the to get the color to a precise (non brassy) light ash color is not an easy task. Gary has the experience and knowledge to get the desired color. Amazed by his skill and eye for style. Will be coming back :) xo
— Andrea R.
This place is officially my favorite salon! They went above and beyond to take care of me. I went from dark brown to blonde balayage and I couldn’t be any happier with the results. John, Gary and Michelle are amazing! All three helped me get the results I was looking for. I will definitely be returning :)
— Dil K.
I need a Gary near me in Michigan! I flew out while at a conference to get my hair done by Gary and he is so amazing. He knew because I wasn't able to go out to see him often he consulted for me to have a color melt balayage so that when my natural hair grew out it would still look great. He also treated my hair and it looked and felt so much better even after dying my hair. He knows what he is doing and honestly he is the very first stylist where I walked away feeling like everything he had done was amazing. Most other places I was like its good and can live with it. But with Gary I walked away feeling like he had done a great job. Aaaaand he got it done all in one session. There are otber salons where it takes a couple of sessions to get as light as I did. Here is a pic of me more than 6 months later! Thanks Gary. I'm coming to see you soon.
— Kathy B.
Michelle did an incredible job with my hair. I had really dark roots and brassy blonde hair. She did a color melt, which brought the brown color lower while keeping the ends blonde. Other salons told me it would take 3-4 sessions to achieve what she did in one. She was also so great with the blowout, taking her time to make sure it was done right. My hair looks exactly like the photos I had for inspiration and I couldn't be happier. I'd never go to any salon other than Eclipse, Gary and his team are perfect!
— Jhenya a.
It’s been 3 years since I started going to Eclipse Salon and I’m never leaving. This is by far the best salon in SF. I’m convinced Gary and his team are the most talented colorists in San Francisco (Just go to their instagram page and you will see the jaw dropping transformations).
— Michelle "Meesh" A.
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